My Tête-à-tête With Virginia is Turning into a Tutu-à-têetee

17 thoughts on “My Tête-à-tête With Virginia is Turning into a Tutu-à-têetee”

    1. I think she likes the State, and certainly likes the people, but the ‘views’ are not as frequent as they have been up to this point, and the rain and bugs make everything seem worse. The bugs are probably worse because the undergrowth encroaches on the trail so much there, compared to the previous States.

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    2. As Bud said… it’s not a slam against your state. Its all the things he said-plus- I’ve been on the trail for 2 1/2 months now. I’ve seen a lot of ‘trail’ at this point. It’s a common thing amongst thru hikers to get ‘the Virginia Blues’ simply because it accounts for 1/4 of the A.T. The newness of the thru hike is wearing off about that point. If you have read my posts, you would see that there have been many enjoyable and beautiful places I’ve mentioned in Virginia.

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      1. All of the locals I’ve met have been talking about the unusual amount of rain this year! Hiking in the rainy, wet muck is not fun…but I’m trying to stay positive and find fun and beauty where I can. 😊

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  1. Rebound,
    You sure have been having a weather type of hike.

    In the last post about Mack…what a beautiful place to regroup and such a nice man. I would definitely stay there if I had to the trail again.

    I don’t think my feet would have held up to all the wet. I avoided the wet like the plague. I’m glad 2016 was a drier year.

    Thanks for sharing the “magic” of the trail through your trail stories, your life stories and the images you are able to post. Prayers for you and Bud and all hikers on the trail.

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  2. Kinda interesting that when I saw the image on the ground I thought it spelled “GOD”, and couldn’t figure out where you got the “6”. Oh well, so much for my world view. Thank God for His little reminders. These are beautiful pictures. It would be hard for me to continue on the trail. I would want to savor the trail and the beauty a bit longer. I didn’t realize that you were just about half way through. Lots of adventures ahead, so drink them all in as I am, and enjoy the trip, even among the hard parts. Remember Romans 8:28. I couldn’t live without knowing that our God has his hand on us ALL THE TIME!!
    I love you,

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    1. I think that is one way section hikers have the advantage over thru hikers…they can take their time and savor things much more. I can see how the 600 can be seen as God. God is the only reason I’ve made it to 600! (Actually, at this moment, its over 700 miles.) I love you, too!

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      1. I saw the same word! I was thinking, “What a great reminder as you hike. God is everywhere bolstering your spirits.” I’m glad that after 600 miles you have a reminder of how far you have come with God’s help. May He continue to guide you and protect you every step of the way!

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  3. I can’t imagine how tough it is out there with the rain, bugs and SNAKES!! Your pictures are just beautiful, so lush and green, probably because of the rain. It must feel so good to get to dry warm places and have a good meal after being so wet, cold and hungry…it helps us to appreciate life’s simple pleasures:) My thoughts and prayers are still with you and your fellow hikers!!!

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    1. Thank you, Visions! You have no idea how much it means to have a shower after 6 days without one! I am so grateful! I am one happy camper right now. Everything seems much greener this time. I’m guessing it’s all the rain!

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